Carry Permits are a last resort

I get a lot of comments but some people put their names and contact info. Instead of responding to directly to the comment, I’ll copy the comment and respond in a post so it is easier to read and the personal info is removed.

Comment:  I was a police Sergeant and resigned in good standing after 12 years of service. I have been running a PI firm for two years now. I am licensed under someone else but am in the process of getting my own PI license. I dont think I fall in the retired officer category however that is a question to you for this statute. Also is my prior background with arresting alot of people and now still interviewing people and doing surveillance if need be in bad areas, well is that a decent reason to a judge in your opinion? Or if I do executive protection services? Thanks

Answer:  A lot depends on the judge, but most judges view carry permits as a last resort.  You would have to  show that people you arrested are actively hunting you.  With regard to the PI work, it is almost impossible as judges have said that you could avoid dangerous people or places if you choose.

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