NJ tries to limit gun purchases even though no one can get a gun anyway

Talk about pointless.  No one I know can get a gun without any hassle anyway but NJ wants to limit your purchases to one every 30 days.  I see no evidence of “straw buyers” and as a criminal defense attorney, most guns I see in the hands of criminal defendants are stolen. 

Here’s the real issue here.  I don’t see a need for anyone to buy numerous guns over and over again.  Thus, it should be pretty easy to figure out who these straw buyers are.  Guess who grants the permits?  The police!  Can’t they question anyone who is buying a ton of guns?   Of course they can.  Why won’t they?   Cause this probably doesn’t happen that often.  My understanding is that guns are bought in other states and brought up to New Jersey. 

Hopefully this bill goes away but it won’t be easy.  Call you local State senator and tell him to vote no, especially if you are a democrat. 

Story is here.

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