Various examples of garbage going on here in NJ

Client just hired me this week who applied for a purchase permit and, after several months, was denied because one of his references could not be reached.  Of course, a simple phone call to the client to ask if he can call the person or supply another name would have been the polite thing to do.  I have to think that if the client had an attorney, this would not happen.  In fact, I’ve yet to get a call from a police department for this issue.  Thus, one has to wonder if this is really legit in most cases.

What is sad about this is that a client like this should not have to get an attorney.  However, the alternative is paying an attorney several thousand dollar to appeal instead of a several hundred to do the application. 

Another client emailed me and told me that one police department is telling him that they are at least 6 months behind.  Funny thing is, I just processed an application with the same department about a month ago and was processed very quickly.   Again, just garbage.  I might seem like an odd attorney, but it bothers me when clients have to hire an attorney for matters that shouldn’t require one.  But, if I can save them thousands by avoiding an appeal, I feel that it is the best case scenario given the circumstances.

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