Man calls Chief to speed up permit process

I don’t suggest you do this, but I thought I’d share this story.

Hi Jef,

You asked me when we spoke last friday to keep you updated on my FID
process. Like I had explained I had called weeks ago and was met with
an irritated secretary that told me they were months and months behind
and offered no other insight other than you get it when you get it.
After speaking with you, I decided to roll the dice and call the chief
of police and explain my situation and inquire about the timeline.

I spoke with his secretary, who was very helpful and who passed me on
the Lt. who handle the firearm permits. I left the Lt. a voice mail
explaining my upcoming hunting trip and just wanted to know if I would
have the permit prior to my april departure date and if not it, it was
no problem. I just needed to know ASAP in order to cancel and get my
deposit back.

On wednesday of this week I received a VM from the Lt. saying all was
good and the permit just needed to be signed by the chief which should
be done within a few days. I received the call the permit was ready
today and picked it up.

It seems that the Lt. is actually a reasonable guy.

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