Bothering the police is rarely a good idea

Sometimes I wonder about people that call my office about gun permits.  In a perfect world, most people wouldn’t need an attorney to get a gun permit.  However, as has been discuss many times on this blog, getting an attorney is often helpful.  Another good example called my office today.  Client was denied a purchase permit for a minor criminal matter from several years ago.  He did not have an attorney.  My clients with criminal matters have been approved.

Of course, even those without any convictions or other issues have been screwed over by our system.  But why are some people in such a crazy rush to get a permit?  As I indicated in a previous post, 30 days is not 30 days.  I’ve had some clients bother the police so much that it has actually casued problems with their applications.  Thus, my advice is to calm down.  Don”t take any garbage from the police, but don’t bother them either.  Find a good balance.

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