Appeals that probably could have been avoided

Two clients called me up today to appeal their denial of their purchase permits.  They are good examples of permits that should have been approved.  The first client says that his application has been pending for 3 years!  The longest that I have heard of is around 18 months.  At some point during this ordeal, he got into an argument with his wife and she told the police to deny his application.  Months later, she changed her mind.  Apparently, the police thought she was coerced into making this statement and denied him anyway.  What a bunch of garbage huh?

The next guy had a criminal charge from many years ago that was dismised.  He applied for a permit and was denied.  When he appealed, the  judge asked him why he needed a gun and the guy didn’t have a good answer, so the judge denied it.  Of course, the burden is not on you to prove why you want to exercise your rights.  He applied again and was denied again. 

Both men now have to either give up or spend much more money on appeal than it would have cost if they would have hired an attorney to begin with.  Thus, I view this as such a waste of time and money.

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  1. I was issued a gun license to purchase and a permit but was denied a purchase. I do have a charge about 15yrs ago in VA. How can I be denied when my township issued a permit?

    • Sounds like you have a NICS denial. You’ll need to clear that up in VA before you can move forward with the purchase.

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