Carry Permit Approved for Armored Car Driver

This was a great case for a great client.  He had a DWI from 3 years ago and they were given him a problem with his carry permit.  The crazy thing is, the DWI was downgraded to reckless driving which was possible because the charge was out of state.  So, in other words, he was simply charged with DWI and not convicted of it, so he was still having problems with the carry permit.  That’s where I come in.

After he realized that he could be denied, he hired me to smooth things out.  I got on the phone with the prosecutor who was actually a really good guy.  He was open to the permit but he wanted to hear from his boss.  I called his boss to testify and the judge and the prosecutor was impressed.  I left them with hardly any questions.  A few questions did  come up about his application which was a big surprise but it turned out to be a big nothing.  In the end the permit was approved.

My client had the type of last name that is more common as a first name so the court had the court order backwards.  My client would have had a hard time if this was not corrected. Luckily I spotted it and had it fixed right there.

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