A denial is a denial (and time for an appeal)

Client called me today about a denial letter that he just got in the mail.  He had a case that was expunged in another state but the police see it another way.  I explained that he has to file an appeal if he wants to fight it.  He thought this was odd since the police already had the information.  So, he thought that he could just explain this again.

The reason I have this blog is so that everyone can get an understanding of how NJ is when it comes to gun permits.  With nothing in your past, it can be tough to get a gun permit.  With anything they can use against you, it can be even more difficult.  This state does not want you to have guns.  Bitch and complain all you want, its not going to change now matter how much you wanted to quote Heller or whatever other case or law.  We just have to learn how to work within the law as it is.

So if you get a denial, it is probably too late to do anything about it at that point.  I don’t know of a case where the police denied a permit and then changed their mind without filing an appeal.  Maybe it has happened once or twice but you should know that the State fights against these appeals very hard.  Thus, it is unlikely that they will change on a dime.

Bottom line: if you get a denial, it is a denial and if you want to fight it, you need to file an appeal.

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