Crimes are never automatically expunged

Within ten minutes, I received two calls from clients that want to apply for a gun permit but are concerned because they have prior arrests.  They were surprised to learn that even though their New Jersey criminal charges were dismissed, the police can still use the  arrests against them. 

They were even more surprised to learn that these cases were still on record since they thought that in New Jersey, a dismissal resulted in an automatic expungement.  In my office, a good percentage of my expungements are for dismissed cases.   Without an expungement employers, schools and police can easily see the arrests and then inquire further. 

With an expungement, police reports, court records and your record are wiped clean so that it is as if the arrest (or conviction) never happened.  When it comes to expungements and gun permits, I charge my fee for the expungement and do the gun permit for free.  Just my way of providing a good service for the best possible price.

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