Police stonewall applicant for months with no explanation

Here’s an (edited) email I just got:

I applied for a gun permit the last week of august of 2009.  After no reply from the police department, I contacted them on four different occasions from October, until finally on December 11th, I was told it was on hold because of a DV claim against me from 1995. Those charges were dropped and the lawyer who represented me even sent the chief the outcome of the case.  I still heard nothing so I stopped there on December 23rd and the chief would not even talk to me, and told the clerk to tell me not to call them, they would call me. This is ridiculous and I was wondering if there was anything I could legally do. 

It is quite possible that, even without the DV issue, they would still stonewall you.  This  is the reason why I started this blog and the representation that I offer.  I don’t put up with this garbage and as an attorney, the police usually take notice and respond to me.  When they don’t, I know how to get their attention.  Without resorting to hiring an attorney, I don’t see much you can do.  If I had been in this case from the start, the permit would have probably been issued months ago.

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