Understanding the two types of denials

The calls about gun permit denials keep coming in and there is a lot of confusion.  There are two types of denials:  1, where you cannot have a gun no matter what (i.e. felony criminal record) and 2, where they don’t want you to have one.  Almost everyone has the second type.  So, the question I often get is, can they do that?

Well they did.  They can and will deny you for any reason  right or wrong.  If you fail to appeal within 30 days of getting a denial letter, it can be very, very difficult to undo the damage.  My advice is to get an attorney to file the appeal within the 30 days. If you failed to file the appeal, you can give me a call and we can see if you can undo the damage.  While it is not easy to do, it is possible in some  cases but more work is often needed. 

Keep in mind, if you get denied and do nothing about it, you are stuck with that denial forever and must always include that on your New Jersey gun permit application.

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