20+ year old Restraining Order could mean big problems for client

Client called me for a domestic violence criminal charge to attempt to get the charge dismissed.  He wants to get a gun permit and did not want to have any problems.  Over the years, he had some domestic violence issues with his family which included a restraining order from the 80’s.  Not only was the final restraining order still in place, but he is living with the person and has been for many years!  Thus, not only is he looking at criminal charges if the police ever figure this out but he will never get a gun permit with that FRO in place.  He just never gave it any thought or realized that it was still in place.  So the criminal charge he was worried about is nothing compared to the problem of having a FRO against him.  He had he applied for the gun permit, the police would have put two and two together and he would have been arrested for the contempt. 

After speaking with me, he should be on track to getting everything worked out.  It may take a while, but he should be able to get a gun permit sooner or later.

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  1. I finally got my permit to purchase a handgun from my local police..They noticed that I had a restraining order from about 12 years ago when I was @ 21…I am now married with 2 kids and have had nothing else on my record since then..Since I recieved the permit I thought I was good to go to purchase a handgun..

    Well I went to my local gun shop and they ran my info through nics and it came back as a pending…I am waiting for the supervisor to review my case but after talking to the local gunshop owner he said that if you have anything domestic in your past you will be denied..

    It is nice to see what a bang up job my local police department did looking into my background..Why didn’t they pick up on this and not give me the permit in the first place?

    Is there anything I can do to appeal this? What is the likelyhood that I will be able to get the pistol?

    FYI..The restraining order is no longer active..

    I forgot to mention the most important part..I live in the gun hating state of NJ


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