Permit approved after many calls

This one was tough and it was just about to get real ugly.  The police were giving my client the run around so he called me to work on the permit.  At first, there was an issues with one of his references but I cleared that up in a week or two.  After that, I started getting the run around so I had to make a ton of calls.  Right before I was about to really turn up the heat, the permit arrived in the mail.

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  1. I have had a business carry pistol permit in NY since 1992. I am currently going to be taking the 46 hour armed guard course in NY to be certified. I want to be able to work in NJ or NY, but can I obtain a pistol permit in NJ, living in NY and with my 46 hour course and the fact that I have had the one In NY for so long? I also have a concealed weapons permit in Florida if I am transferred. I guess Im trying to see how to to apply because Im out of state, if the 46 hour armed guard course is acceptable, IF i was to obtain a NJ licence. I want to be able to do work in both states because the pay is better. If your not the correct dept to ask please advise. Bryon Burger

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