Law suits in other states could be indicator of the future of New Jersey’s carry permit law

About a month after McDonald, there are no New Jersey law suits pending but it is hopefully just a matter of time.  A number of other law suits have already been filed including two filed by attorney Alan Gura.  So far, suits are pending in at least California, New York and Maryland.  While every state has their own laws, the courts’ analysis in these cases should have a pretty big impact on a future New Jersey case.  The more wins that come up, the better.  However, until the NJ Supreme Court issues their decision, nothing is guaranteed. 

The National Review has an article about the suits filed after McDonald here.

The SAF press release regarding the Maryland case is here.

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  1. I’m happy you finally came around.

    • My position is still the same. I deal with NJ politics and judges just about every day of my life. While I think the number of carry permits will increase at some point, I am sure NJ police and courts will still make it very difficult for most people.

  2. Here’s the complaint filed on 11/22

    Click to access complaint.pdf

    One of my favorite quotes, “A Superior Court judge deciding an application for a Permit to Carry acts as an
    “issuing authority” performing “functions which [a]re clearly nonjudicial in nature.”

    And of course: “N.J. Stat. § 2C:58-4(c) and N.J. Admin. Code § 13:54-2.5 are facially invalid in that they vest Chief Police Officers and the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police with uncontrolled discretion to grant or deny approval of license applications.”

    Don’t forget: “N.J. Stat. § 2C:58-4(c)-(d) and N.J. Admin. Code §§ 13:54-2.3(a), 2.4(d)(1) impermissibly burden the right to keep and bear arms by requiring private citizens to show “justifiable need” or “urgent necessity for self protection.”

    Stay tuned . . .

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