Playing games?

I had an interesting issue today with one of the many clients who are applying for a gun permit.  He sent in his application a few weeks ago and he has an appointment for fingerprinting tomorrow.  So, I sent in my letter to the police today.  I got a call back within an hour and the Chief said that my client’s application was all wrong and was missing a lot of information.  He said that my client was called almost two weeks ago and he never called back. 

When I called my client, he indicated that he never got a call from anyone and that his application was correct.  He even sent me one of the forms the Chief said that he didn’t have. 

Its hard to say what is going on here.  I’ve never dealt with this department before and they did call me right away, but there seems to be a big difference of opinion here.  We’ll see what happens.

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  1. I’m guessing each individual department has made up their own application process?
    Is it standard procedure to sign off on a mental health waiver for a carry permit? On the application it says nothing about it, but its something that’s asked for before they’ll even accept your application.

  2. Oh and check out the case of Denial of Carry Permit of Factor. The guy waited 2 years just to find out he was denied;the PD thought they had already informed him. Bottom line: They could care less. That’s why the discretionary nature of NJ’s permitting system needs to be eliminated and streamlined.

  3. The mental health waiver is standard for all permits. It should be a standard process, but some departments have their own procedures.

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