Three gun permits approved in the last two weeks

Its been a good week.  I learned that 3 clients have had their permits approved either this week or last week.  One of these cases was rather easy but the other two were not.  One client had a bunch of problems with the police and he was very afraid that he would be denied.  Another client had a gun permit application in Newark which is always difficult to deal with. 

I would have had at least two or three more approved this week but there were a few snags that held up the process.  Instead of these clients being denied, the police are working with me to cure the defects in the application process.

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  1. hey , my name is Cam . i gotta ask you if i have chances to transfer my pistol from Pennsylvania to New Jersey . I moved to NJ few years ago and i left my pistol at my uncle’s house in PA , but he’s about to sell the house and he’s moving out to California with his job , so he doesnt really know what to do with my pistol . As you know ,there is no gun permit in PA , all you need is cash and a PA driver license . I’m 21 , i have no criminal history , no DWI , i have never done any drugs . I really love to shoot when i go to PA , but its kinda far . So id like to get my pistol to NJ , and sing up at the local shooting range . I want everything to be legal .


    • I don’t see how your PA permit has any impact on your ablity to get a permit in NJ. In fact, I don’t even think your local police will know that you have a permit in PA. Feel free to call me to discuss.

  2. well the thing is , there is no gun permit in PA. Everyone can buy a rifle , pistol with a driver license , just need to be over 21 . I just want to bring my pistol and make it legal here in NJ for shooting range purposes and stuff. Otherwise id have to sell it to someone in Pennsylvania. I need to get a permit to have a legal firearm at home , not even to buy one ,because i already own one in PA


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