SAF files Federal lawsuit against New Jersey!!!

Finally, the end could be near.  While I enjoy helping all of you out, I wouldn’t shed a tear if my firearms business took an 80% hit overnight as a result of a great in turning that turns this BS system on its head.  Check out the Complaint here:

We’ll see what happens.  If anyone gets any updates on this before I post them, feel free to post a comment and I’ll re-post it to update everyone.

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  1. Your business will increase if this case succeeds – there will be many legal fights over who gets permits even if the case does succeed. And good lawyers will be needed.

  2. The notorious “health,safety,welfare” clause will be next after “justifiable need” is tossed. It’s another arbitrary tool used to deny Second Amendment rights.

  3. Hello, I have been reading your blogs lately with a lot of interest. I have been tempted in NJ several times to try to get a ccw permit. I did not go forward with the process several times as I know it would have cost me a lot of money to even have a chance.

    I had some hope with one blog last year I think it was where you did get a client that owned an atm business a permit and proved justifiable need.

    I see now with muller in the courts, there might be some more hope.

    I am a business owner in Trenton NJ. Trenton has been steadily declining over the past 2-3 years. just this past week a business owner on liberty street was robbed at gunpoint and lost $6,000. Thankfully not his life. I know him and a few others are just pulling out of trenton and selling their businesses. I am not to that point yet. But i am thinking of revisiting the idea of a carry permit again. I already have several handgun permits and a firearm id card since the early 90’s. I am a business owner (won’t so what kind on a public forum) that has to constantly carry $4,000-$8,000 easily each day in cash, not only to go deposit but all day long on the streets of trenton. I try to make cash drops as often as I can, but the money keeps adding up very fast. Some times I can accumulate $2-$3,000 in one hour. We accept checks and all major credit cards. That works great in princeton and hamilton and all the areas where cash isn’t a problem. but not in trenton where most people don’t have checking accounts or credit cards.

    Two other companies in my field have already been robbed at gunpoint in the past few years in trenton.

    My question – before calling you, is – do I have a slim chance to get a ccw permit? If it helps at all half the trenton police are also customers (too bad not the chief, but the captain is also as well as many detectives).

    Should i hold out a while longer and see what happens with muller? I do fear for my life in trenton and while losing money would be terrible, I rather not get killed.

    What say you?

  4. Great news!

  5. Hey Jef,

    Do you ever see any of the NJ gun laws being declared unconstitutional?

    What is your personal opinion as to why the gun laws are so strict in NJ?


    • Its tough. I think the Supremes really boxed NJ in. My fear is that the laws get struck down and then new laws replace them to try to fix the void and then we will be right back to square one. The carry permit law is crazy, but the application law itself is not really that bad. I mean the PHSW catch all is crazy but even if that gets struck down, the other problem we have is that the police can just do whatever they want. Laws are only good if they are enforced correctly. So, I really just don’t know what will happen either way. Even if we get a win in court, it will take some time to see if it really was a win.

      As far as the laws go, it all comes down to $$$$. I am really involved in politics, but on the local level so this is never really an issue. The people of NJ mostly live in urban areas or live close enough to urban areas that they fear guns and crime. Most people that are into gun rights are also into hunting and the people living in urban areas do not hunt and have no interest in guns. Instead of solving the actual crime problem, they blame guns and get headlines by enacting tougher and tougher laws so that people turn around and vote for them as well as donate lots of $$$$. The flipside is true in states where hunting is big. Hunters donate a lot of $$$ and thus, the laws are different.

      The answer to anything when it comes to politics is money. Our entire system is based upon it. Because a lot of it though is rather indirect, most people really don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. It will never change.

  6. Interesting how you commented that the police can do whatever they want.

    Do you feel, based upon your experience, that the general mindset in law enforcement (at least in NJ) is that civilians should not be allowed to own firearms?

    It seems as if the police try to find reasons to deny applicants as opposed to approving them.

    • In NJ, that seems to be what the “top brass” think, but not every single one of them of course. I don’t think that the patrol officers get that bent out of shape about it. I know a lot of cops and for the most part, they are just regular people really. In fact, I have represented police officers before that were trying to get a gun and they had issues so they don’t even look out for their own! So much for the blue line and all that stuff.

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