Yet another gun permit denial overturned on appeal

I was in Morris County today for a gun permit appeal.  This was one of those strange cases where the client should have never needed to call me.  His ex-wife filed a TRO against him back in 2005 when they were going through a divorce.  Around the same time, he got hit with a minor criminal charge that he was convicted of.  However, after getting some therapy, he was able to get his guns back.  No problem anymore right? 

Earlier this year, he moved to a new town in a new county and when he went to change his address on his FID card, they found this issue from 2005 and they denied him.  So, one Prosecutor’s Office said it was ok and now another one is going to say its not?  Yeah, that was what they were trying to do.  Luckily, I had a good idea as to how this was all going to play out so I advised the client to take some steps so that we can be on the offensive and I handed that information to the prosecutor today.  He then showed it to the judge and as a result, we won.  I made it look real easy since I didn’t have to say anything other than to put my appearance on the record.  While I was waiting to go into the court, a new client hired me for his gun permit appeal.  One case closes, another opens.

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