Man gets gun permit approved but is then denied before he can pick it up

File this one under “you can’t make this stuff up”.  Guy applies for a gun and the Detective sends him an email (which he forwarded to me) saying, please let me know when you can pick up your permit.  In other words, your permit is approved.  When he calls to pick up it up though, he runs into some kind of snag.  He goes to hire me (on Monday) but before he signs the fee agreement, he talks to the Mayor of his town and everything is smoothed over.  Calls were made, everything will be worked out by the end of the week.  No need for me which is great.  Job is done, right.  Calls me today (Thursday) and he was denied!  You guessed it, public health, safety and welfare.  Now he either has to pay thousands to hire an attorney to appeal or pretty much give up on his second amendment rights.

Also, as far as I know, there  is nothing in his background that would prevent him from obtaining a permit.

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  1. That health,safety,welfare clause could be the next battleground when “justifiable need” is knocked out by the courts. Just imagine going for a carry permit and the police dig into your past and find you didn’t pay a bill on time, or you had an argument with a neighbor, or had a speeding ticket. They will then use this against you and force you to spend $$ to fix it. Trust me, some PDs upset about having to issue carry permits will try this crap.

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