When is an agreement not worth the paper its printed on (even if a judge signed it!)?

Here’s another one of my crazy cases.  One of my favorite clients was going through a nasty custody battle with his ex.  She realize that we were boxing her in and that our victory was near so she filed false felony charges and a bogus restraining order against my client.  I won the restraining order hands down and I used that transcript to get all of the criminal charges dismissed.  Then we had to get the guns back.   Based upon all of the good work I did with the rest of the case, the State agreed to give my client his weapons back.  However, my client lost his FID card so he had to get another one.  No reason to hire me right since there can’t possibly be any denial at this point right?  WRONG!

Yup, he was denied.  Reason?  Due to the restraining order!  Court order returning the weapons be damned.  The worst part about all of this for the tax payers of this town is that instead of the Prosecutor’s Office handling the appeal, this town has the township attorney handle the appeal.  In other words, the tax payers have to pay more for all this crap.  I just got the discovery and they even have a copy of the prior Court order but they don’t seem to care.  Case is pending, update soon…

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  1. I’ve heard of similiar scenarios at least a dozen times in NJ. Is this some kind of a system glitch, or are the PDs so anti-gun, they’ll use bogus charges to take someone’s guns away?

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