Gun Permit Approved in Park Ridge in 39 days…without an attorney!

Thanks, to Dan for sending this in:

Jef, here is a follow up to a previous post here re: time frame for getting gun permits from and through your town Police Department/Chief of Police.

I received a call today and email (March 5, 2011) from our Firearms Unit Officer here in town, and my two permits are in and signed by the Chief, along with my updated New Jersey Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (needed change of address).  The card was issued in 1973.

From the start of this process which included meeting with the Firearms Unit Officer of the department  to today, has been a total (including weekends and holiday/Presidents Day) of 39 days.

Diligence on the part of the Firearms Unit department Officer and my own weekly follow up with the Officer, as well as a clean report(s) in all areas certainly played a big part in this turn-around, I believe  Jef you requested I list the department…the department is in Park Ridge, NJ (Bergen County).  The Officer and department are most professional and courteous, non-judgmental and supportive

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