Don’t read extra info into the application (STS-33). It is pretty clear on its own.

For some reason, a lot of people like to read extra information into the application.  The application is very straightforward.  Most of the question start with “have you ever…”.  Thus, ever means at any point in your life.  There is no time limit although many want to take issue with how much time has passed between one event or another and today.  This is how people run into problem.  Accept the fact that ever really does just mean at any time.

Likewise, question 26 is broad enough so that if you saw anyone with an MD about any mental health issue, you will likely be denied unless someone writes you a letter.  Again, there is no time frame here.  It doesn’t matter how long ago this was.  It doesn’t matter how brief it was that you saw this doctor.  It doesn’t matter that the situation has been resolved.  It also doesn’t matter that you were never prescribed any drugs.

Finally, why would you think that your juvenile record was sealed or otherwise hidden in some fashion automatically?  Wouldn’t that make this question pointless if this were true?

If you don’t read any extra info into the application, you’ll be much better off.

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