Governor Christie is not pro-gun

Governor Christie would like everyone to believe that he is pro-gun but I don’t buy it.  He is an opportunist and a showman and he is excellent at both.  If he really was pro-gun he would:

1.  Lead the movement to repeal the portions of the Graves Act that makes it a second degree crime to possess a gun without a carry permit that has led to otherwise law biding citizens doing very hard time.

2.  Work to increase the amount of guns that people can buy each month.

3.  Get the Attorney General to work with the State Police, County Prosecutors and Local Police to make it easier for people to get gun permits.

I realize the first 2 require the passage of bills and we have a Democratic legislature so getting a bill on his desk could be difficult.  Nevertheless, he could still raise these issues.  He has control of his own Attorney General which is the chief law enforcement officer in the state.  Thus, without having to pass new legislation, he could do a lot to make this blog mostly pointless by getting the AG to issue guidelines that must be followed throughout the state.  

Of course, none of this will ever happen because he would rather talk the talk instead of walking the walk.  Consider this, he’s been in office for quite some time now and are your second amendment rights any more secure?  I would say probably not.  Say all you want about Obama but what Federal law has impacted your rights?  I think almost all of your rights are impacted by state laws.  

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