Gun permit delayed for 2 years

I’ve had plenty of people call me and say its been a year since they applied without an answer.  I’ve even had people call up and say its been 18 months.  Today, a client hired me and she has been waiting 2 years!  It sounds pretty crazy but this is what is out there.  Hopefully we can get this cleared up right away for her.

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  1. Give ‘m hell Jeff.
    two years ago when I first applied, they took what seemed like forever. Three months went past, then I started calling the weapons officer daily just to remind them I was not giving up. Finaly, she approved me. Then I got written notice the chief disapproved me over some false accusations in my past.
    I immeadiately went to my county court house and filed an appeal myself. Within two weeks the the deputy DA and the chief replied to approve me.
    The moral of the story is DON’T EVER GIVE IN!

    Thanx for your help during those times Jeff. You are a great inspiration for anyone fighting for thier 2nd amendment rights.

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