The impact of out of state convictions on your New Jersey firearms application

While not a very common issue, I get a few calls a month from clients that have a prior out of state conviction.  The problem with these convictions is that New Jersey can view them as felonies even if the other state views them as a misdemeanor.  In New Jersey, anything punishable by more than 6 months in jail is considered a felony.  In other states, it may be anything under 1 year.  Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what punishment you actually received.  The only thing that matter is what the potential punishment was.  Thus, if you got probation for a misdemeanor assault but the maximum punishment was 364 days in jail, New Jersey will consider that a felony.  As a result, you will likely have big problems with your New Jersey firearms application.  You should speak to an attorney in that state to see what you can do to take that conviction off of your record.

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