Salem County Gun Permit Appeal Successful

Just received word that the judge granted my client’s gun permit appeal a few days before the scheduled court apperance.  This is another one of those cases where the client was denied for mental health issues, i.e. Question 26.  This was a tough case because the client was having very serious panic attacks to the point where he refused to leave his house.  Although not officially diagnosed with agorophobia, he had similar symptoms.  Furthermore, he was on a number of medications.  In fact, he still takes a number of medications regarding to anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Nevertheless, I work with some of the top experts in New Jersey.  I was able to get my expert to do a full evaluation of the client.  Armed with a great report, I argued that the State could not meet its burden of proof to deny the gun permit.  As a result, we won the appeal.  The case was in Salem County.

NJ Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers

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