I was interviewed by the Bergen Record about self defense law in New Jersey

This is an interesting story of a bodega that was robbed.  After the robber leaves, one of the victims chases after them and shoots one of them.  I was asked to comment on the law of self defense and the possibilities here.  Of course, I don’t have many facts and I can just go on my experience.  I’m not advocating that this guy get charged or not; I’m just giving my opinion on the law.  I’ve been involved in many self defense cases and right or wrong, I just don’t see how the law authorizes the victim to chase after the assailant and then use deadly force when there is no longer any threat, let alone a threat of serious injury or death.

Of course, the State may choose not to prosecute this victim because there is no public outcry and the victim may have been acting on pure adrenaline and fear, instead of just vengeance.  As I said, leaving the store is tough but the robber’s horrible background helps.

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