Don’t listen to attorneys that say gun permits are impossible

For some reason, my competition is apparently telling people not to bother applying for gun permits right now.  Why even advertise for it then?  That seems pretty stupid.  Applying for a gun permit right now might be difficult in some towns and might be the same as always in other towns.  If you have nothing in your background, the only thing they could do is delay it or not give you an answer ever.  If that happens, call us anytime.  If there is something in your background, we can help you deal with it.

Remember, having a fancy website with a bunch of keywords doesn’t prove that you know what you are doing.  I have this blog up so that you can read what we are about, what we know and what we do.  Anyone can have a company build a website and put keywords on it but this type of knowledge and experience cannot be faked. 

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