Mercer County Gun Lawyers help client get Unlawful Possession of Weapons Charges Dismissed


Mercer County Superior Court

In this case, our Mercer County Gun Lawyers were faced with a client that was accused of Unlawful Possession of  Weapon for not having a carry permit in the state of New Jersey.  He was a truck driver that was passing through New Jersey.  His employer met him at a rest stop and took the truck back from him.  Apparently, there had been some business dispute between the two men.  The employer had called the police in the event that there was any trouble.  When our client took his gun from the truck, the police seized it and arrested him.  There was never any indication that he did anything wrong with the gun or that he even made any type of reference to it.  He just didn’t have a carry permit.

Despite the fact that the client was a first offender, the was still facing mandatory prison time due to New Jersey’s strict firearms laws.  Our Mercer County gun lawyers fought the case hard for months.  As a result, we kept on chipping away at the plea offer.  Our lawyers eventually got the plea down to no prison time but we didn’t stop there.  Our lawyers continued to fight the case and in the end, we were able to get the entire indictment dismissed.  The client did not have to pay one cent, be on probation for one day or spend one day in jail.  Its just as if he would have won his trial but without the cost.

How can our Mercer County Gun Lawyers help you?  Our Trenton office is easy to reach from anywhere in Mercer County.

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