Firearms Forfeiture

In New Jersey, your firearms can be forfeited if you become subject to any of the disabilities set forth in the statute.  Most often, this occurs when a Temporary Restraining Order is filed against you.  Even if the TRO is dismissed, I am not aware of one prosecutor’s office in New Jersey that will just hand them back to you.  In fact, I once had a case where my client filed a TRO against his wife so she filed once against him a week later.  The police then took his weapons.  Of course, we won his TRO and the one his wife filed was dismissed.  Thus, even though he was clearly found to be the victim, we still had to fight like hell to get his guns back which we did after a lengthy trial.

If you have had your firearms forfeited and you have a forfeiture trial in any court in New Jersey, we will fight for you to get your firearms back.  Call our team of NJ firearm lawyers at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) any time to discuss.

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