Gun Permit Appeals

If your gun permit has been denied, you have to file an appeal.  Most of the time, when we are talking about an appeal, we mean an appeal to a higher court such as the Appellate Division.  Whatever court it is generally looks at “the record” (i.e. the evidence submitted) to see if the court made a mistake (reversible error) unless it is a de novo appeal which is where the lower court’s determination is not given any weight.  Regardless, the appeal generally just involves legal briefs and oral argument.

With a gun permit appeal in New Jersey, it is actually a trial before a New Jersey Superior Court Judge.  A lawyer is not required but these cases can be tough even with a lawyer so to try to do it yourself may be impossible.  After all, would you perform surgery on yourself?  I doubt you would.  Thus, doing an appeal without a lawyer may not be a great choice.  You don’t know the law, the rules of evidence, the rules of court, etc.  If you lose your gun permit appeal, you may be barred from ever getting a gun permit unless you file yet another appeal, this time with the Appellate Division.  Such an appeal is even more expensive and complex so it makes sense to do things the right way the first time.

We can help almost anyone that has been denied except for a few specific circumstances.  Call us anytime to see if we can help you.  We have a long track record of winning a large number of gun permit appeals.  In fact, we have been so successful that at least a third of our cases wind up not even going to court.  We can resolve them out of court with the prosecutor without the need for a court appearance.

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