Mental Health Expungement

A mental health record expungement is a rare application that most lawyers in New Jersey probably don’t know even exist.  In fact, I know several judges that have never seen them before until we filed them.  The mental health record expungement in New Jersey is necessary if you were ever committed in a mental health institution.  It permits you to get around the mental health record disability and should help you get around any NICS issues.  Unlike a NJ criminal record expungement in where the records are basically destroyed (in actuality, they are locked away where almost no one can get them) the mental health records still exist after the expungement goes through.  However, you can legally claim that you were not confined in a mental health institution and anyone else (such as the police) must treat it as if it never happened.  Much like a criminal record expungement, the process is difficult and complex and it is strongly advised that you seek legal assistance.

We have been successful with every single mental health record expungement we have ever handled.  After we finish it, we will help you with your gun permit application for free (you just have to pay the fees).  If you need a mental health records expungement in New Jersey, call us anytime to discuss.

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