How to apply for a gun permit in New Jersey

How to apply for a gun permit in New Jersey

1.  Before you apply, make sure you are not subject to any disabilities that would prevent you from obtaining a gun permit in New Jersey. Click “Will you get denied” above for more information.  If you have some issues that could present a problem, call us to discuss.

2.  Call your local police department (or State Police if you live in an area without a local department) and ask when you can submit an application.  Some departments will only help you during certain days and times.

3.  Pick up the application and submit all of the forms completely and honestly.  Again, if you have questions, call us to discuss.  If you make a mistake, they may consider this falsification which is a felony in New Jersey.

4.  You will then have to get fingerprinted. The police department will give you this information.

5.  After your fingerprints are complete, follow up with your references to make sure that they have been contacted and that they have submitted the information back to the police.

6.  A few weeks later, follow up with the police officer or detective to make sure that everything is on track.  If something is wrong, such as they didn’t hear back from your references, follow up on this right away.

7.  When your permit is ready, the police will call you.  Go down there, pick it up and enjoy.

Note:  most people can get through this entire process without our help.  However, if you run into a snag, we are a free phone call away at anytime.

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