Hunterdon County Gun Permit Appeal Lawyer Wins Case

Hunterdon County Gun Permit Appeal Lawyer Wins Case

Shawn S.

This was a tough case.  The client had two prior DWI’s, a charge of possession of marijuana, a two prior temporary restraining orders entered against him by two different people.  Talk about an uphill battle.  Nevertheless, we fought hard and in the end, we were able to win the case so that the client can get his gun permit.

If you have been denied a gun permit in Hunterdon County, call the Hunterdon County Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers today at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529).

Retired NYPD Officer Wins Gun Permit Appeal

Retired NYPD Officer Wins Gun Permit Appeal

David L.

This client was one of many applicants that have applied for a retired law enforcement permit to carry but was denied because the NYPD will not sign the required forms.  As we have done in other cases, we were able to file the appeal and win the case so that the client can get his retired law enforcement officer’s carry permit.  I have heard that there are some judges that are not so forgiving on these applications but we have avoided any losses on these appeals so far.  There is no case law that I am aware of yet on this topic but at some point this judge (or judges) will wind up forcing this issue up to the appellate division.

If you are a retired NYPD officer and need help getting your carry permit, call us at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to discuss your case.

Ocean County Gun Permit Appeal Lawyer Wins Case

Ocean County Gun Permit Appeal Lawyer

Client K.H.

In this case, our client applied for a gun permit in Jackson, New Jersey.  He was denied because he had a minor trespassing charge from another state some 25 years ago.  As a result, he denied due to falsification.  We filed the appeal and a legal brief on the issues in the case.  As a result of our hard hitting arguments, we won the appeal despite the client’s prior conviction and his failure to disclose it.  If you have been denied a gun permit due to falsification, call us at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to discuss.

Ocean County Gun Permit Appeal Lawyer

Bergen County Gun Permit Denial Reversed on Appeal

Bergen County Gun Permit Appeal

Jennifer C

In this case, the client had previously received therapy and counseling for 15 years.  Thus, she had quite a history that we had to deal with.  Her gun permit appeal was denied so she hired us to file the appeal.  On appeal, we fought against the alleged mental health issues and as a result, we won the appeal.

If you have been denied a gun permit in Bergen County and you need to file an appeal, call us at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to discuss your case.

Bergen County Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers

New Brunwick Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers Wins Appeal

New Brunwick Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers Wins Appeal

Bob B.

In this case, the client was denied his gun permit because he had a Final Restraining Order.  He had no idea it was still on.  Between the time he was denied and the time of the appeal hearing, the FRO was successfully vacated.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that the gun permit appeal would automatically go through.  By law, the State can still use the domestic violence issues against him.  However, we fought back against the State and were able to win the gun permit appeal.

If you need a New Brunswick Gun Permit Appeal Lawyer, call us at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to discuss your case anytime.

Passaic County Adjuster’s Office Holding Up Gun Permit Applications

I am working on a gun permit application for a client and everything should be done.  A Captain from a police department in Passaic County was nice enough to follow up on my letter of representation.  He informed me that everything is pretty much done but they are waiting on the mental health information from the Passaic County Adjuster’s Office.  Two problems have combined to cause significant delays.  First, at this police station and I am sure many others, applications are double what they were last year.  Second, the Passaic County Adjuster’s Office is backed up by four months due to these increased applications as well as having their staff cut.  I am in the process of helping my client cut through this red tape.

If you have been able to successfully deal with this, feel free to post a comment below.  If you have run into something similar in a different county, please post that as well.

Vacating Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey

If you have a final restraining order in New Jersey, you will not be issued a gun permit.  However, you can file a motion to vacate your final restraining order.  It is a very complex process that you should seek legal assistance for.  Unlike other states where restraining orders expire after a few years, restraining orders in New Jersey are meant to be permanent; hence the use of the word “final”.  Most people that come to us to vacate an FRO either didn’t have a lawyer or they didn’t have a very good one.  Thus, to vacate the FRO, we need to hit the case hard.  We have been very successful in vacating FRO’s so if you need our help, call us anytime.  After the FRO is vacated, we can then get to work on your gun permit application.

Criminal Firearms Charges

Our firm has handled many firearms criminal cases.  In fact, our aggressive criminal defense practice is what got us into firearms law to begin with.  If you are charged with any weapons charges in New Jersey, we can help you in any court.  We can help you with any firearms offense including but not limited to the following:

  • Unlawful Possession of a Weapon
  • Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose
  • Certain Persons / Felon in Possession
  • Possession of Dum Dum Bullets / Possession of Hollow Point Bullets
  • Possession of a Stun Gun
  • Possession of a BB Gun
  • Possession of a Firearm Without a Carry Permit
  • Possession of an Assault Rifle
  • Possession of a Machine Gun
  • Possession of Defaced Firearms
  • Unlawful Sale of Firearms
  • Straw Purchaser
  • Falsification of Gun Permit Application
  • Federal Firearms Charges

We have many big wins with regard to our defense of criminal weapons charges.  Consider just these few examples:

J.C.  – Passaic County

Client was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon for not having a carry permit.  The State was looking for the client to do 5 years in prison.  He was also charged with theft and burglary because he was alleged to have broke into his roommates bedroom to steal his weapons.  We filed a motion to dismiss the indictment and even though the State fought hard, it was granted and all charges were dismissed.

J.S. – Mercer County

Client was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon for not having a carry permit.  We fought the case hard and over time, the plea offer became less and less and less.  In the end, we were able to get the State to completely dismiss the charges against the client.

R.M. – Middlesex County

Client was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon for not having a carry permit.  His first lawyer told him that there was no way he could win his case.  He fired that lawyer and hired us.  We took the case to trial.  2 out of the 3 charges were dismissed but the jury hung one the last charge most likely due to confusing jury instructions.  Instead of going back to trial, the client opted to take probation.  Besides avoiding 5 years in prison, he was also able to keep his job.

C.S. – Ocean County

Client was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon for not having a carry permit.  Once again, the State was looking for him to do prison time.  After much litigation, we were able to get the felony charges dismissed.  He paid a small fine and did not even have to serve probation.

D.C. – Union County

Client was charged with falsification for failing to disclose an arrest on his gun permit application.  We were able to get the felony charges against him dismissed through a diversion program.

Firearms Forfeiture

In New Jersey, your firearms can be forfeited if you become subject to any of the disabilities set forth in the statute.  Most often, this occurs when a Temporary Restraining Order is filed against you.  Even if the TRO is dismissed, I am not aware of one prosecutor’s office in New Jersey that will just hand them back to you.  In fact, I once had a case where my client filed a TRO against his wife so she filed once against him a week later.  The police then took his weapons.  Of course, we won his TRO and the one his wife filed was dismissed.  Thus, even though he was clearly found to be the victim, we still had to fight like hell to get his guns back which we did after a lengthy trial.

If you have had your firearms forfeited and you have a forfeiture trial in any court in New Jersey, we will fight for you to get your firearms back.  Call our team of NJ firearm lawyers at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) any time to discuss.

Mental Health Expungement

A mental health record expungement is a rare application that most lawyers in New Jersey probably don’t know even exist.  In fact, I know several judges that have never seen them before until we filed them.  The mental health record expungement in New Jersey is necessary if you were ever committed in a mental health institution.  It permits you to get around the mental health record disability and should help you get around any NICS issues.  Unlike a NJ criminal record expungement in where the records are basically destroyed (in actuality, they are locked away where almost no one can get them) the mental health records still exist after the expungement goes through.  However, you can legally claim that you were not confined in a mental health institution and anyone else (such as the police) must treat it as if it never happened.  Much like a criminal record expungement, the process is difficult and complex and it is strongly advised that you seek legal assistance.

We have been successful with every single mental health record expungement we have ever handled.  After we finish it, we will help you with your gun permit application for free (you just have to pay the fees).  If you need a mental health records expungement in New Jersey, call us anytime to discuss.