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Your security clearance means nothing

At least once a week I get a client that says that they should easily get a permit because they have this or that security clearance.  Today, a client called me up who got denied for a permit even though he has a security clearance.  This proves what I have said for many years:  your security clearance (in and of itself) means nothing.  There is nowhere to disclose that on the application.  If you have a security clearance and your next door neighbor doesn’t, but you both have clean backgrounds, then you each stand in the same shoes as far as the police go.  Clearly, in the client that called me today, they missed whatever was in his background when they did his security check and his local police found it and he was denied.  Sounds odd but that’s the way it is.  Thus, the only analysis is whether you have something in your background (see “Will you get denied”) regardless of where you work and what type of clearance or whatever you had to get for that job.

The Epidemic of Missing Purchase Permit and FID Applications

Here’s a comment I just got on the blog:

“I have been waiting for my FID card to be approved for about nine months now. I have begun to call the chief of my town police every day for the past three weeks, but he hasn’t even been able to locate where my application is in his office.”

Sadly, this situation is very common.  I’ve had many people tell me that the final result of all of this is that they either give up or the police eventually tell them to fill out a new application.  Clearly, calling them solves nothing.

I know it sucks to hire an attorney to do something that you should be able to do on your own, but I have no other suggestions since I haven’t run into anyone that can figure out how else you can force the police to help you.  As always, call me anytime for help.

Gun Permit Approved in Park Ridge in 39 days…without an attorney!

Thanks, to Dan for sending this in:

Jef, here is a follow up to a previous post here re: time frame for getting gun permits from and through your town Police Department/Chief of Police.

I received a call today and email (March 5, 2011) from our Firearms Unit Officer here in town, and my two permits are in and signed by the Chief, along with my updated New Jersey Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (needed change of address).  The card was issued in 1973.

From the start of this process which included meeting with the Firearms Unit Officer of the department  to today, has been a total (including weekends and holiday/Presidents Day) of 39 days.

Diligence on the part of the Firearms Unit department Officer and my own weekly follow up with the Officer, as well as a clean report(s) in all areas certainly played a big part in this turn-around, I believe  Jef you requested I list the department…the department is in Park Ridge, NJ (Bergen County).  The Officer and department are most professional and courteous, non-judgmental and supportive

Man denied gun permit for dismissed domestic violence charge

The gun permit application in New Jersey does not mention dismissed charges.  So, a lot of people think that their applications will go through without a problem.  Well at least some of them (if not many) are wrong.  A guy just called me up yesterday who got dismissed for a dismissed domestic violence charge.  He couldn’t believe that he got denied.  He was shocked to learn that the police can “look behind” the complaint and dismiss based upon the facts as alleged even though they were not proven.

An expungement would have really helped him out.  However, depending on the facts of the case, I could have probably helped him get the permit without even getting an expungement.  Now he is trying to decide if he wants to drop a few thousand on an appeal.  Lesson here is don’t let the application fool you.  You can get denied even if you can legally answer all the questions the right way.

My retainers vary depending on the case


My wife and I are both waiting for our NJ pistol purchase permits and Firearms IDs. It has been more than 30 days since we filed our applications with the State Police.

We have no criminal backgrounds, nor mental health issues.

How much does your assistance cost?

Answer:  While I prefer to get involved before the application is made, I can and do jump in afterwards.  I don’t have a set price list as it will vary depending on a variety of factors.  I would not charge you extra for your wife though.  My initial consultations are free, so just call me.  I only need about 5 minutes to get the info I need to set a retainer.

ATM company owner may have a chance

Comment:  I own an ATM company and a jewelry store in Boonton NJ, I daily load machines in the state and carry large sums of money into some bad neighbohoods. I also carry large dollar amounts of gems, do you think i have a legitamit reason to apply for a carry permit ? Or should i say do you think I would be granted one in Morris county ?

I don’t know of any ATM company owners applying for carry permits other than one client that I have.  If anyone has a shot, he does.  It might be about 3 months until we know what happens so I’ll keep you updated.  If you do this, I suggest you get an attorney.  Without one, I see no way to ever get a carry permit.

Carry Permits are a last resort

I get a lot of comments but some people put their names and contact info. Instead of responding to directly to the comment, I’ll copy the comment and respond in a post so it is easier to read and the personal info is removed.

Comment:  I was a police Sergeant and resigned in good standing after 12 years of service. I have been running a PI firm for two years now. I am licensed under someone else but am in the process of getting my own PI license. I dont think I fall in the retired officer category however that is a question to you for this statute. Also is my prior background with arresting alot of people and now still interviewing people and doing surveillance if need be in bad areas, well is that a decent reason to a judge in your opinion? Or if I do executive protection services? Thanks

Answer:  A lot depends on the judge, but most judges view carry permits as a last resort.  You would have to  show that people you arrested are actively hunting you.  With regard to the PI work, it is almost impossible as judges have said that you could avoid dangerous people or places if you choose.