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Sandy Hook School shooting leads to new gun control bills

The Sandy Hook School shooting has led a number of law makers to call for more gun control.  New Jersey’s own Sen. Frank Lautenberg will introduce a pared down version of the 1994 assault weapon ban that expired in 2004.  He’s tried this before but could not muster enough support to get his bills through.  However, this shooting may force the hand of many politicians who don’t want to vote no in the wake of the shooting.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the author of the original assault weapons ban will reintroduce the exact same law.  I’m sure there will be others as politicians look to use this tragedy to push their agenda.

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State announces $100,000 no questions asked gun buy back program in Camden

A special “guns for cash” event will take place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Dec. 14 and Dec. 15 at two Camden churches, the Antioch Baptist Church on Ferry Avenue and Higher Ground Temple on Vine Street.  County residents will be able to turn in up to three firearms of any type for up to $250 per weapon. Sellers will not be questioned about the weapons.  Anyone with questions about the program can call the attorney general’s citizens services unit at (609) 984-5828 or visit  If you have guns laying around that may not be legal, this is a great opportunity to get rid of them.

Bob Costas uses Jovan Belcher tragedy to advocate for gun control

Bob Costas says that Jovan Belcher and his girl friend would be alive today if he didn’t have access to a gun.  This is probably one of the dumbest arguments I have ever heard from the anti-gun crowd.  A person that wants to kill someone and then himself will not be thwarted just because guns disappeared tomorrow.  What about the person that jumped off a bridge?  Should we outlaw bridges?  What about someone that smothered someone with a pillow?  Let’s outlaw that.  I could go on and on.

Every day, there is a story of someone that protected themselves from some nut job because they were armed.  Recently in South West Florida, a home owner caught two people trying to steal a water pump from his home.  One was armed with a knife and the other with a pipe.  The home owner had a gun.  Guess who took off running?  The home owner, exercising amazing restraint, didn’t fire at them but only at their car.  I would have shot them both square in the head, but that’s just me.  Maybe this guy realized he would be the one prosecuted!  See the article I was interviewed for recently and you’ll see the problems that can come up with self defense.

We really need someone to stand up to Bob Costas and these other anti-gun wing nuts.  I would like to see the NRA and other groups step up to this nonsense but I realize its hard to get air time with the way the media is.

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Groupon for New Jersey Firearms Academy

Check out this groupon for New Jersey Firearms Academy



Lawmakers look to make NJ’s gun laws even tougher

Its hard to imagine that NJ’s gun laws could get any tougher but in the wake of the recent mass shootings, you knew that something was going to happen.  Sure enough, lawmakers found a way.  Since handguns are already regulated, it looks like it is time to regulate ammunition.

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Scalia says that guns can be regulated

Gun owners don’t have a US Supreme Court full of friends.  In a recent interview, Justice Scalia hinted that further regulations may hit gun owners in future cases.  See the news article here:

Governor Christie is not pro-gun

Governor Christie would like everyone to believe that he is pro-gun but I don’t buy it.  He is an opportunist and a showman and he is excellent at both.  If he really was pro-gun he would:

1.  Lead the movement to repeal the portions of the Graves Act that makes it a second degree crime to possess a gun without a carry permit that has led to otherwise law biding citizens doing very hard time.

2.  Work to increase the amount of guns that people can buy each month.

3.  Get the Attorney General to work with the State Police, County Prosecutors and Local Police to make it easier for people to get gun permits.

I realize the first 2 require the passage of bills and we have a Democratic legislature so getting a bill on his desk could be difficult.  Nevertheless, he could still raise these issues.  He has control of his own Attorney General which is the chief law enforcement officer in the state.  Thus, without having to pass new legislation, he could do a lot to make this blog mostly pointless by getting the AG to issue guidelines that must be followed throughout the state.  

Of course, none of this will ever happen because he would rather talk the talk instead of walking the walk.  Consider this, he’s been in office for quite some time now and are your second amendment rights any more secure?  I would say probably not.  Say all you want about Obama but what Federal law has impacted your rights?  I think almost all of your rights are impacted by state laws.  

Judge denies gun permit for Sussex County pet supply store owner who was mistakenly kidnapped

A Sussex County pet supply store owner, who was the mistaken-identity victim of a kidnapping by five Missouri men, today lost his second attempt to get a permit to carry a handgun.  Superior Court Judge David Ironson, sitting in Morristown, rejected an appeal filed by Jeffrey Muller of Frankford, owner of J&G Pet Foods in Newton, who sought to overturn last year’s decision by another judge in Morristown, Philip Maenza.  Echoing Maenza, Ironson said Muller failed to provide “proof of justifiable need” to carry a handgun and said he should take his case to a state appeals court. Muller is also pursuing a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Newark that seeks to overturn the decision.

In an interview after the hearing, Muller said he needs to carry a handgun because “there’s the potential” of the five kidnappers’ family members “coming after me to get revenge.”  Authorities said the five Missouri men abducted Muller on Jan. 8, 2010 from his store in Newton, believing he was another Jeffrey Muller, a New York money broker. Four of the men were allegedly trying to help suspect Roy Slates recover $500,000 he had lost to the other Muller in a failed golf course development deal in Utah. Muller escaped from his captors after their car broke down in Lake Ozark, Mo.

Slates has been released from prison after pleading guilty and has returned to Missouri, while the other four suspects are being held as they await trial in Sussex County.  During the court hearing, Muller’s attorney David Jensen said he pursued the appeal because Maenza didn’t hold a formal hearing and because the state police had approved Muller’s permit to carry a handgun, which normally would prove persuasive to a judge.

Afterwards, Jensen said he will continue to pursue the federal lawsuit but hasn’t decided if he will take the case to the New Jersey appeals court.  In the earlier decision, Maenza said there was “no justifiable need” for Muller to carry a handgun, because his kidnappers had been apprehended and “there is no longer a threat of serious bodily harm.”

I highly recommend that Muller file an appeal with the Appellate Division.  Since the State Police approved it, a Court would have a tough time arguing against them without any other evidence.  It also assumes that these suspects will be convicted or that they can’t send anyone else after him.  Hit sets a new standard that you have to be the victim of a crime AND the suspects have to remain at large. 

Story is here.

Gun permit approved

Just got word that another one of my clients had his gun permit approved. From the time I got into the case, it took about 50 days.  I’m not sure what was going on with this police department but they had a tough time getting his criminal history.  We kept up on them and they did get it.  After that, he was approved in about 3 weeks.  The client thanked not only my staff but my great staff that helped him out along the way.

Gun Permit approved in Toms River

Happy to announce yet another gun permit approved this week.  This client had some prior mental health issues so that could have caused a problem.  However, we worked with the Toms River Police Department and his gun purchase permit was approved fairly quickly. 

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