Gun Laws

I generally do not give legal advice on the possession, transportation, buying or selling of firearms.  Nevertheless, I wanted  to provide a starting point for those researching the issue.  The laws listed below may not be the complete authority on the issue as there may be other laws that also govern the same issue.  When in doubt, consult with your local police.

Exemptions for Possession

  • Fishing:  2c:39-6f(2) and (3)a and b
  • Hunting: 2c:39-6f(2) and (3)a and b
  • On owner’s property: 2C:39-6e
  • Place of business: 2C:39-6e
  • Target range:  2c:39-6f(1), (2) and (3)b
  • Trap and skeet shooting: 2c:39-6f(1), (2) and (3)b

Transportation: 2C:39-6g

Inheriting firearms:  2C:58-3j

Storage of firearms:  2C:58-15

Sale of firearms (non-retailer): 2C:58-3

  1. Are there any issues concerning BATF C&R licenses in NJ?

    • Such as?

      • Such as the fact that C&R licenses are not respected in NJ; in NJ a C&R does not remove the requirement that ALL firearms be transferred into NJ via FFL. In other states, having a C&R license obviates the FFL requirement for items older than, IIRC, 1898.

  2. Well for one, by having a C&R, am I considered a commercial entity whereby operating out of my home may be in violation of zoning laws? I am only considering a license to save on transfer fees when buying older firearms that are C&R eligable.

    • Doh, replied to the wrong guy.

      You can get a C&R and receive a discount when ordering from, say, Brownell’s, but you still need to use your local FFL for all weapons transfers. NJ does not honor the C&R license for C&R weapons.

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