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Your security clearance means nothing

At least once a week I get a client that says that they should easily get a permit because they have this or that security clearance.  Today, a client called me up who got denied for a permit even though he has a security clearance.  This proves what I have said for many years:  your security clearance (in and of itself) means nothing.  There is nowhere to disclose that on the application.  If you have a security clearance and your next door neighbor doesn’t, but you both have clean backgrounds, then you each stand in the same shoes as far as the police go.  Clearly, in the client that called me today, they missed whatever was in his background when they did his security check and his local police found it and he was denied.  Sounds odd but that’s the way it is.  Thus, the only analysis is whether you have something in your background (see “Will you get denied”) regardless of where you work and what type of clearance or whatever you had to get for that job.