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NJ Gun Permits after the Connecticut School Shooting – Share Your Experience

Over the last month, I get the same question several times a day:  what is the status of gun permits in New Jersey after the Connecticut school shooting?  Another question I get is: if / when will New Jersey’s gun law change?  I’m not sure NJ’s basic gun laws could really get much worse.  Its tough to say exactly how police departments across New Jersey are handling permits now, especially since there are over 500 of them not to mention the State Police.  The clients I represent don’t seem impacted as I haven’t had a trouble getting their permits approved but that could be the result of a lawyer handling the application. 

I have had a few clients call me to say that they applied for a permit a few months ago and were able to get approved quickly without a problem.  When they applied about 2 months ago, right before the shooting, they cannot get anywhere with the police and have thus, reached out to me for help.  Of course, this is just a few people so I’m not sure if it represents a trend.  Thus, please comment on this post to share your experience within the last month or two if you can compare it to past applications.