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Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Charges Dismissed in Mercer County

Our client was a truck driver going from one state to another when an argument started with his boss.  His boss told him to meet him in New Jersey and when our client got there, he was met by the police.  Apparently, our client’s boss thought there would be an incident.  When the police checked the cab of the truck, they found a firearm.  Since the cab of a 18 wheeler isn’t a trunk and my client didn’t have a permit to carry the gun, he was arrested and charged with second degree unlawful possession of a weapon.  This used to be a minor offense but a few years ago, the law was changed.  Now this offense results in a minimum 5 year prison sentence under the Graves act even for first offenders.  In this case, the first plea offer did include prison time.  We actually received a number of plea offers but in our opinion, the client did nothing wrong.  We continued to fight and in the end, the Prosecutor voluntarily dismissed the indictment that charged the client with unlawful possession of a weapon.  As a result, this was a total victory.  The client didn’t even have to pay court costs.

If you are facing a charge of second degree unlawful possession of a weapon in Mercer County or any other court in New Jersey, call us today.