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Three gun permits approved in the last two weeks

Its been a good week.  I learned that 3 clients have had their permits approved either this week or last week.  One of these cases was rather easy but the other two were not.  One client had a bunch of problems with the police and he was very afraid that he would be denied.  Another client had a gun permit application in Newark which is always difficult to deal with. 

I would have had at least two or three more approved this week but there were a few snags that held up the process.  Instead of these clients being denied, the police are working with me to cure the defects in the application process.

Parsippany is on the ball!

Update March 12, 2011:  My client did get his permit right away.  However, check the comments.  Seems like this was too good to be true. 

I have a client that has a pending application with the Parsippany police department.  The Chief called me personally in response to my letter and I can tell you that he has to be one of the best Police Chiefs I have ever dealt with.  The fact that he would call me directly first of all is pretty amazing.  More amazing than that though is that he indicated that they are aware of the 30 day statute and that they do everything they can to move these applications ASAP and not let them build up.  So, if you live in Parsippany and you have nothing that will cause problems with your application, you probably don’t need my help to speed it up.  Of course, if your results vary, please let me know right away.

Police stonewall applicant for months with no explanation

Here’s an (edited) email I just got:

I applied for a gun permit the last week of august of 2009.  After no reply from the police department, I contacted them on four different occasions from October, until finally on December 11th, I was told it was on hold because of a DV claim against me from 1995. Those charges were dropped and the lawyer who represented me even sent the chief the outcome of the case.  I still heard nothing so I stopped there on December 23rd and the chief would not even talk to me, and told the clerk to tell me not to call them, they would call me. This is ridiculous and I was wondering if there was anything I could legally do. 

It is quite possible that, even without the DV issue, they would still stonewall you.  This  is the reason why I started this blog and the representation that I offer.  I don’t put up with this garbage and as an attorney, the police usually take notice and respond to me.  When they don’t, I know how to get their attention.  Without resorting to hiring an attorney, I don’t see much you can do.  If I had been in this case from the start, the permit would have probably been issued months ago.

Retired NYPD Officer gets his carry permit

You would think that law enforcement looks out for each other right?  Not so in New Jersey.  Retired police can apply for a carry permit and almost all are granted.  However, retired NYPD officers have faced an uphill battle in getting their carry permits because the NYPD refuses to endorse the New Jersey State Police form.  Without this form filled out correctly, they don’t care who you are.  So much for that blue line huh?

Never one to just give up, especially for New York’s finest, I spent that past few months helping out a retired NYPD officer who was in such a position.  I challenged the State Police’s rigid application of this law as he met all other qualifications and had no disabilities preventing him from getting the permit.  Instead, this was a technical denial.  I also argued that their position was absurd as he could carry in New York but not New Jersey.

I also got nowhere for weeks as his file was lost in the court system.  I finally got fed up and sent a rather stern letter to the judge.  As he put it, my letter really ticked him off.  While that may be, guess who was happy?  My client.  Within days of sending this letter, I was in court and his permit was approved.  I may have upset the judge a little but I got the job done.  With all due respect to the judge, I am a hired gun and I have to do what it takes.

Lightning fast approval for gun permit

This was a great case.  Really nice guy looking for a gun permit was getting problems from his local police department for months.  He hired me last week and today, he had his permit.  I wish they were all this easy, but that’s not the case.

Gun permit denied for conditional discharge

Client called me up today because he was denied a gun permit for a conditional discharge that he had a few years ago.  Naturally, the question you will ask is how can they do this if he was  not convicted.  Wake up!  They did it.  Stop asking how and ask how can you prevent this garbage from happening to you.

The solution?  Call me before applying for a permit. Otherwise, you risk getting denied like this guy did.  Then if you want to file an appeal, you are going to have to pay a lot more.  I know I’ve said this a million times, but so many people are not getting this, so I will keep repeating myself until it sinks in.

Carry Permit Approved for ATM Business owner!

This was a great victory.  The client owns ATMs and he services them himself.  As a result, he has to carry large sums of money without any protection.  Many of the small bodegas he services have been robbed as they are in very bad areas.  He is not a security guard or a retire police officer.  So he’s screwed right?

Well that’s what I first thought but after talking to the client, I got an idea.  I never tried this before but I thought that if I can show a justifiable need by showing that the places he went to were dangerous, even though he was never personally attack, then we would have a shot.  That was easier said than done as it took months to put everything together.  About two months after he made the application, we got the good news that we won.  Thankfully for the client, it wasn’t even that expensive.

I feel a lot better about helping clients out with carry permits so I might be open to doing a few more.

Gun permit approved for client with physical and mental issues

This was a tough permit application.  The client had physical issues which could have impacted his ability to get a permit in addition to a history of mental health issues which could have caused the police to deny him.  He’s a great guy and he should have got the permit, but when you have two issues that the police can use against you, it could be very tricky.

I had him wait a while to make the application while we got his ducks in a row.  Thus, the big work was done before the application was made.  As a result, the review of his application was rather uneventful.  It took him about 45 days to get the approval.

Permit denied for suspected ADD 20 years ago

While I was at court for my client that was getting his carry permit, the case in front of mine was a guy that was denied because when he was in second grade (20 or so years ago) they thought he was ADD and he saw a school doctor for about a year.  It never really went anywhere and the guy has never had any other problems. In fact, the guy didn’t even remember it as it was so long ago.  Nevertheless, his permit was denied.

Of course, the State wasn’t  really going anywhere with this as they had no proof that he suffers from any disability.  Thus, his attorney was able to win the case.  However, he probably spent a good amount of money for the appeal whereas he could have saved a lot of money if he had hired one to begin with.

Carry Permit Approved for Armored Car Driver

This was a great case for a great client.  He had a DWI from 3 years ago and they were given him a problem with his carry permit.  The crazy thing is, the DWI was downgraded to reckless driving which was possible because the charge was out of state.  So, in other words, he was simply charged with DWI and not convicted of it, so he was still having problems with the carry permit.  That’s where I come in.

After he realized that he could be denied, he hired me to smooth things out.  I got on the phone with the prosecutor who was actually a really good guy.  He was open to the permit but he wanted to hear from his boss.  I called his boss to testify and the judge and the prosecutor was impressed.  I left them with hardly any questions.  A few questions did  come up about his application which was a big surprise but it turned out to be a big nothing.  In the end the permit was approved.

My client had the type of last name that is more common as a first name so the court had the court order backwards.  My client would have had a hard time if this was not corrected. Luckily I spotted it and had it fixed right there.