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NICS Denials

As if the gun permit process in New Jersey wasn’t difficult enough, some people have trouble with NICS when they go to buy their firearm.  This seems to not make any sense.  Why would New Jersey approve you and then NICS deny you?  It might sound odd, but it does happen from time to time.  Chances are, there is something in your background that NICS is having an issue with that New Jersey either didn’t pick up or was not concerned about.  In almost every case, we can help you.

In order to help you, we need to know why you were denied.  If you don’t know, you can request the reason.  Per the FBI, you may request the reason for your denial or delay from the FBI in writing by mail, facsimile, or on-line. Due to the Privacy Act of 1974, the reason for the denial or delay cannot be disseminated to you via the telephone.  The contact info is as follows:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
NICS Section
Appeal Services Team, Module A-1
Post Office Box 4278
Clarksburg, WV  26302-4278
Facsimile:  (304) 625-0535