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Criminal Record Expungements

If you were ever charged with any criminal offense in New Jersey, you may have your gun permit denied even if the charge was dismissed, you won at trial, got PTI, it wasn’t a felony, it was a long time ago or you were a juvenile.  The law clearly states that the police are permitted to used dismissed offenses against you.  In fact, you don’t even have to be arrested.  I have seen someone get denied for having an angry ex-girlfriend make a police report.  He was never even charged; in fact he didn’t even know about it.  Thus, if there is anything in your background, it should be expunged.

Expungements are a time consuming, annoying process.  It takes at least two months to complete the process and even though we do it all the time, it is still a difficult process because of the numerous procedural requirements.  If we are handling your New Jersey expungement as part of the gun permit process, we will handle your gun permit application for free.  You’ll just have to pay the filing fees.

We can only help you with your New Jersey expungement.  If you have a criminal record in another state, you will need to ask an attorney in that state if there is any way to expunge your record.  You will also need to know if the offense was punishable by more than 6 months in jail.  It doesn’t matter what your actual sentence was, we just need to know the statutory maximum to see if we can help you and/or if you still apply without the expungement if that state doesn’t offer one.