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DYFS wants your guns!

Besides doing a ton of firearms related matters, I also handle more DYFS matters than almost any other attorney in New Jersey.  When DYFS (now technically known as DCPP) investigates a family, they often ask if there are any firearms in the house.  Now there is nothing that requires firearms to be removed but most people give in to whatever DYFS asks.  The DYFS case worker will not take possession of your guns but will be happy to help you get them out of your house.  Of course, this will often involve your local police taking your firearms for “safe keeping”.  Isn’t it amazing how helpful they are?  Of course, once the police take your firearms, it may be impossible to get them back without a court order.  Thus, before you hand over your firearms to anyone, call an attorney for advice, assuming you have enough time to make that call.

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