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Retired NYPD Officer gets his carry permit

You would think that law enforcement looks out for each other right?  Not so in New Jersey.  Retired police can apply for a carry permit and almost all are granted.  However, retired NYPD officers have faced an uphill battle in getting their carry permits because the NYPD refuses to endorse the New Jersey State Police form.  Without this form filled out correctly, they don’t care who you are.  So much for that blue line huh?

Never one to just give up, especially for New York’s finest, I spent that past few months helping out a retired NYPD officer who was in such a position.  I challenged the State Police’s rigid application of this law as he met all other qualifications and had no disabilities preventing him from getting the permit.  Instead, this was a technical denial.  I also argued that their position was absurd as he could carry in New York but not New Jersey.

I also got nowhere for weeks as his file was lost in the court system.  I finally got fed up and sent a rather stern letter to the judge.  As he put it, my letter really ticked him off.  While that may be, guess who was happy?  My client.  Within days of sending this letter, I was in court and his permit was approved.  I may have upset the judge a little but I got the job done.  With all due respect to the judge, I am a hired gun and I have to do what it takes.