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Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Charges Dismissed in Essex County

Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Charges Dismissed in Essex County

Today in Essex County, the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq. were able to help a client get his second degree weapons charges completely dismissed.  The client, M.D., was a security guard that was looking to become an armed guard.  He applied for a carry permit and his company gave him a letter of need.  He thought this was good enough.  Problem is, his carry permit was not approved yet.  The police saw him leave his house with his gun and he was arrested immediately and his gun was confiscated.

Despite this reasonable explanation, the State still sought an indictment against him.  If convicted, he was looking at mandatory prison time up to 10 years.  Unlike other cases that have been in the news lately, this firm did not seek to publicize this case.  As a result, the client’s name will not appear in any Internet searches for the rest of his life.  Because our fees are reasonable, there was no big fundraising campaign needed.   Even more importantly, this case was 100% dismissed.  There was no probation, no pre-trial intervention and no fines.  He can also get his weapons back.

Please note that this is not to say that media attention is not a proper strategy in some cases.  However, there seems to be some people that think this is the only way to win the case and as a result, they forego hiring the right lawyer.  Or they think it will be too expensive and thus, something they cannot afford.  This case demonstrates that what is necessary in some cases is not necessary in others.  Before making any assumptions, speak to a lawyer first.

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